May 21st, 2003

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I nearly ran over a kid on the way home today. I was cycling down a straight piece of cycle path and noticed some kids playing near to it. One of them ran across the path, so I kept a closer eye on them. Then another started to head across, so I pulled over to give myself plenty of space to get past. Out of nowhere a 3rd sprog on a bike decided to cycle straight across the path in front of me. Despite slamming on the brakes, I skidded straight into them, knocking them off. I wasn't going particular fast, and since they weren't hurt, I figure the shock of me bumping into them was what caused them to lose their balance, rather than me pushing them off. Once I'd made sure they were OK, I was on my way. They looked pretty scared, so hopefully they won't do something as stupid like that again.

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Oooh! A cliff!! *plummet*

Yeah - I've sucumbed to the latest lemming. Fill it in - you know you want to.

  1. when and how did we meet:
  2. have you ever seen me with my shirt off:
  3. have you ever seen me cry:
  4. describe me in four adjectives:
  5. if we could spend a day together what would we do:
  6. have we ever gotten in a fight:
  7. if you could give me a present what would it be:
  8. would you hug me:
  9. what do you really think of me:
  10. have we ever kissed:
  11. has there ever been anything you wanted to tell me, but were scared to:
  12. wanna makeout:
  13. name one thing you dont like about me:
  14. what song/band makes you think of me:
  15. name one thing you envy about me:
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Gah! Everyone is talking about going and seeing the Matrix tonight. I don't think I can wait another couple of days without exploding or something!

[EDIT] Just had cryx and ebq's letting agents phone, chasing up the contract I needed to sign and fax back to them. Despite me doing it with minutes of them faxing it over, they'd apparently lost it. Oh well - they've definitely got it this time.

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