May 6th, 2003


I've no idea why, cos it's usually generalised pap, but for the past n-months I've been subscribed to a daily horoscope thingy from AstroCenter. Today's though is (for the first time ever I think) spookily close to the bone.

You could be thinking about the meaning of life, CHRIS. You'll be in a reflective mood, trying to make sense of some recent events. Maybe you are trying to sort out a challenging personal relationship. You might be figuring out how to handle a loved one who often rubs you the wrong way. Or maybe you are considering a new career path. You might be asking yourself what you really want to accomplish. These are good questions to ask, so don't be afraid to do some soul-searching.

With it being the first day back at work in over a week and a busy evening ahead, I some how doubt I'll get to do any soul-searching. Barely have time for a soul-glance.

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Today is not going to be a particulary heavy work day I think. It's taking ages to catch up on email and they're relaying the road outside the office. They've got a really cool looking machine that they fill up with tarmac at one end and then out the back comes road! It comes out so smooth looking and the back can be stretched out so that it can do any width it needs to do. Which for the road outside, it does, cos it's very curvy.

And they have the cutest little JCB ever! And a ickle steamroller too. It kinda looks fun building a road.

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