May 4th, 2003

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One look, could kill
My pain, your thrill...

Well that was a weekend filled with angst, angst and more angst. And that was just the out of character stuff.

The trip up to Stoke was a bit crap as it was raining and the traffic was awful. After chugging alone the M6 for several hours I suggested we come off at the next exit and using my l33t navigation skills and my ickle GPS aid found a much less busy route. When we arrived the C/A game was practically over, so we pootled over to a nearby pub and got something to eat. Then we headed off to Rock World in Manchester where I spent most of the evening in the cheesey rock room bopping my socks off.

Got a bit of sleep that night, but not that much as I had two cute little kittens fighting over who could perch on my legs. My nose got a bit twitchy, but excessively so, so I'm probably allergic to most pets. Something to remember in future. Missed mage and the AGM, but made it in time for the clan meetings. Malk one was thankfully short, so I had time to get some food.

C/A game was OK if a little dull. Mostly I found this was due to the fact that most people avoided the main room and since there was nothing stated about which rooms were IC and which weren't, it wasn't very easy to find out where people were. It's pretty much the problem I had with ICC had last year. Oh well. Got 3XP for my trouble at least.

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