April 28th, 2003

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Hurrah! I have defeated the evil brain niggles. I'm now feeling a whole lot more optimistic and stuff having chosen that particular path rather than the meepy angsty one. Hopefully I don't find out I've chosen wrongly, but I suspect not.

Yesterday was barty's burfday, so much food and beer was drunk down the pub (as per usual), but we also went bowling. Which was fun and different - I can't remember the last time I went. I did particular well by my normal standards. I even manged to bowl a few times rather than the standard newbie tactic of just throwing the bowl at the lane and hoping.

Then we went to barty and inquis's place to get more beer and food. Except all the beer shops were shut, so we had to make a mad dash back to Budgens to get beer (and other stuff) and then hurtle back to get back to meet cryx and co. What followed was a very enjoyable evening of conversation, food and gossiping.

Had a moderately good burger (although must remember chilli sauce != garlic sauce) and then shared a tub of B&J's with cryx. Drank some bottles of Archers. Blew a whole stack of will power not to get too meepy at some parts of the conversation. Then at 2am we pootled off home at which point I crashed into bed. Which is why I've not made another "I'm sleepy" post :)

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The world needs more cute women. More cute women like Sandra Bullock *yums*

I guess it should go without saying that they should be single?

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