April 26th, 2003

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Got home later than usual, cos of last minute faffing about at work sorting other people's cack out, so had to rush around getting ready for going out tonight.

Was very freaked out to find that there was a stonking great big wasp in the bathroom window sill when I got out the back. After I strategically placed everything I would need outside the bathroom, I squirted it with bathroom cleaner until it couldn't do much beyond twitching. Then I hit it with the bottle. Again and again and again. And then some more. Then I started moving it so I could scrap it off the sill and flush it down the loo, but hit it again some more just to make sure first.

Didn't take long to finish tarting myself up for a night out of nice food and great film. Felt it lacked a small something, but not sure what. Still - had fun and that is the main thing.

In a burst of insanity (I seem to have that a lot recently) I walked home, so am very sleepy now. I'd imagine I shall dream lots about bullet proof monks and ninjas and stuff though.

(note to self - when writing LJ entries, don't stagger off to bed without posting them first :)

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