April 25th, 2003

Yes, I lost my mind

I've got my act together and for a change have remembered to bring in some CDs and my headphones so I can fry my brain with music whilst I fry my brain looking at code. Shame the CD playing software is a bit crap. I can't seem to get the volume up high enough to even tickle my braincells, let alone fry them.

Book club was good, although I did feel a bit left out as I'd not had a chance to read either of the books, although the one I did read (a fictional autobiography of Ned Kelly) a bit of I felt was very good. You could almost believe that Ned had written it. I think that I shall get it out of the library at a later date when I've got a free book slot.

It overran a bit and inquis had offered a lift, so figuring it'd be quicker than cycling. Unfortunately it took a bit longer than we'd expected to get the bike into the car cos I'd forgotten my alan key so couldn't easily get the wheels off. Except I found it in my jean pockets this morning (oops). Still - got to the pub in time for food, so it wasn't a complete disaster.

Pub was um. Rachael was there for most of it. And huuggs said goodbye. And I angsted lots at/with barty. Then was mildly perked up by a brief lesbian orgy in barty's car.

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I suddenly remembered the CD drive has a volume control too! Let the brain frying commence!

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    Enter Sandman (like you don't know who did this)