April 21st, 2003

You are the perfect drug...

Well I'm back from visiting parental types for Easter. Was a lot more subdued affair this year without all the usual ranting and bitching from younger sibling. Didn't get roast spuds with the roast turkey which was a minor downer though, but the rest of lunch was nice.

Then watched Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets. Wasn't overly impressed - about on par with Dungeons & Dragons, but with better SFX. But not something I would have crawled over broken glass to go and see (unlike D&D)...or in fact crawled over soft fluffy cushions either.

Got back home in time for lunch with cryx and majic13, so we pootled off to the Pineapple. I now know where abouts in the relation to the rest of the universe it is. I've cycled to within feet of it on my journey to work.

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Coo - they have an attractive female ref on the snooker. Apparently she's the first they've ever had (on this event I think). I wonder if this is an attempt to make it more appealing to the masses.

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Yet another spagbol went down a treat. Although I'm a bit of a girly la-la and didn't manage to eat that much tonight. Must have been still stuffed from lunch...or the chocolate orange I ate afterwards :)

Blah. Not looking forward to work tomorrow. Where did all the time go?

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