April 15th, 2003

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Today has been vaguely productive. I've got some work done.

The new guy has re-started the tuckshop and due to some people bitching about it remaining in it's old location, it's been moved. Which has involved having the carpet up and a new power point being installed. The lengths we'll go to having a decently priced chocolate & coke supply.

It's very handy it's started up again, as I'm down to the last 4 or 5 cans of DLC.

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Stop the clock! I've found the clue!

Wow! Treasure Hunt is back on BBC2. Unfortunately it's on at 6 so I'm unlikely to see it, but I managed to see the last 10 minutes of today's. It was in Mexico. Yes - thats right. Not some dull dreary place in England. They were running about the Aztec temples somewhere near Mexico City. No Anneka Rice though.

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