April 9th, 2003

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Damn I'm scatterbrained. I completely forgot to mention something exciting and thrilling that happened. Well OK, it's not that exciting or thrilling, but it's a change to the normal routine I guess. Whilst getting coffee from CCG2, she asked if I had a pump cos her tyres were a bit flat and she hadn't got one herself. So I loaned her my pump and said I'd collect it today. Stupidly I didn't give her a name or phone number or something just in case she wasn't going to be working this morning. Oh well. Missed chances.

My normal train was canceled this morning, which was an utter PITA cos I had plenty of time to cycle to Windsor in the lovely sunshine and catch the earlier train to Slough. Instead I sat at Staines, coding. Still got a chance to talk to CCG2 and get the pump back, but she was distracted and so I didn't really get much of a chance to talk to her.

Last night I cycled up the hill to Simon's place and did a bit of roleplaying. A say a bit, because I guess a combination of a busy day at work and the cycle up the hill caused me to be a not very with it bunny and a bit sleepy. Shame, but given my character's lack of involvement at the moment, it didn't screw things up too much. I did gain enough brain at the right moments (a la the doormouse in Alice in Wonderland) to say the right things and do stuff to further the plot, so it wasn't a total waste. Hopefully next week I will be more awake and be able to further my plans to destroy the party...er...hang on - wasn't mean to say that part. Oops :)

And I managed to cycle up to work in under 7 minutes - the same amount of time it takes me to cycle down to the station (ie the reverse journey) - which is what I expected would happen when I didn't have hordes of irritating pikey sprogs clogging the way. Well, actually there were 2 - but using my elite ninja cycling skills I deftly swerved past them using the level crossing/speed bump to get around them.

Today at work looks to be typically dull and boring - I've got lovely CRSAP training today. Whoopee!

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