April 4th, 2003

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So much for me getting an early night - I'm (pun intended) buzzing too much from being scared shitless.

Just went to bed and threw the duvet over myself. Except I could hear this odd buzzing noise and I could see a LARGE dark shape moving across the duvet. It didn't take me long to realise that there was a large stingy insect of doom within inches of my face, which if it hadn't started buzzing, I wouldn't have realised was there cos it was dark.

Leaping out of bed in terror, I quickly threw the duvet over it to trap it whilst I made a bee line for the light switch. Upon carefully opening the duvet, I discovered a fucking HUGE bee. Or at least I guess it was a bee - except it looked far too large to be a bee. I guess it might have been a queen. After many minutes of crapping myself, I decided to be cunning and brave and trapping it once more within the confines of the duvet, I took the duvet downstairs and shook it lots outside.

Unfortunately I lost track of where the damn thing was, but I couldn't see it anywhere upon the duvet so I gave up and brought the duvet inside and put it well away from my intending sleeping place.

Of course now I can't get back to sleep for fear that it isn't outside and from the adreline. What is scaring me the most, is that I've no idea how it got inside in the first place and that if it hadn't buzzed I wouldn't have noticed it and would have gone to sleep. It could have stung me to death whilst I snored away happily to myself. It could have been there since the previous night as I'd not touched the duvet since then. Eeep.

I think I shall fire up something on the PS2 and kill lots of things.

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Killer Queen

I don't know how it managed to evade me last night, but the sodding evil bee was sitting quite happily by my doorstep when I left for work. Or at least it was happy until I ran it over with my bike. And then ran it over again. And again. And again. Basically until it was a greasy smear on the pavement.

Actually technically I didn't really run it over cos that implies the bike was moving in a horizontal wheel type manner. I was actually just smashing the front wheel on to it (repeatedly).

Hurrah! The Queen is dead! Long live me!

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Last night's SW class was very very odd. For a start we were in a different room (small room downstairs for those of you who've been to the Social hall) and me and Rachael were crammed into one of the corners. Definitely didn't really feel happy about the change. It did feel in some ways like she was trying to act like she was better at it than cryx, but I suspect that is just cos I'm her friend and any such change would feel like that.

She does seem to have made it into a career though. She has vastly more stock than I've ever seen a consulant have and brings so much stuff with her. It's no wonder she didn't want to have the upstairs room. She even has a little fruit bowl for people to put their slimmer of the week donations into. Well I can't wait for the official non-temp person to start, which isn't Rachael - honest.

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