March 26th, 2003

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I really must do more work on Things I Love. Had a quick nose at the webstats and looked at some of the more interesting search queries people had done that lead them to the site. cryx's name featured quite highly (5 hits) - I'm guessing with a pretty unique name like that, that it's people looking for her. Especially given that the top 10 matches on Google are pages/links to her stuff.

On a whim I decided to see where a link or page to me appeared on Google when searching for my name. After I'd got to page 10, I had pretty much given up hope of seeing anything, but there was a match to my Things I Love wishlist. I guess having such a popular name (there are several sport stars, some authors and an actor with my name) is a bad thing when it comes to being found on the 'net. On a plus side it means it's hard to find me. Not sure which is better. It's not like my homepage is top secret and hidden.

In the world of cycling, I did an all time personal best clocking up an average of over 12mph and getting to Staines in under 12minutes. Today I managed to get to Windsor in 28.5 minutes - another personal best. I really should start working on my upper body as my arms are nowhere near as fit as my legs now.

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