March 22nd, 2003

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I'm glad Mr Muscle loves the jobs I hate, although I wish he'd actually do them as well as love them. Still, so far I've managed to do at least 3 things I've been meaning to do all week. I've...

  1. Loosened my rear brakes.
  2. Let some air out of my tyres
  3. Cleaned the manky worksurface in my kitchen.

Not sure what to do next. Probably sort the bills out I've got to pay.

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La! Shopping is fun. Went with cryx for a semi-impromptu trip to Slough and bought many things. Some of which were even for me. I know have some more RPG books - maybe one day I'll actually get off my butt and run something. I think I've got everything I need.

cryx got lots of sexy clothes and shoes and shiny things. Hopefully it does not rain tomorrow as she said she was going to wear the short tartan skirt we got :)

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Decided to do Test the Nations relationship quiz and was very surprised by the results.

I scored 178 points

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