March 18th, 2003

Seldom Working Tenets

Decided to be lazy getting to work and caught the train to Staines. The guard had the door locked and once I was on, told me and the other cyclist that got on that he wasn't sure if we were allowed on, cos he'd seen the display board at Ascot or somewhere say that bikes weren't allowed on. He said that there wasn't anything saying we couldn't get on when we did, but to becareful in case we got told off.

Now if you remember I'd said in January that some bigwig in SWT had decided that bikes weren't allowed on trains any more. It just goes to show you how daft this whole stupid idea is, when they've not even told the people who have to enforce it about it.

Not that I'm complaining, cos it means I can use the trains still. It does however explain why I've not encountered any problems so far.

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Go me!

Marvel at my amazing willpower recuperative powers. I've managed to regain all that lost willpower I lost last week, just in time to burn some of it to prevent myself from saying "Yes, I would love to have pizza for lunch please!"

I shall be uber-good and have something equally yummy, but sinfree instead. Hopefully I have enough willpower (I guess I've only burnt 1point so far ;) to last throughout lunch whilst the others are eating it.</p>
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