March 17th, 2003

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Surprisingly I managed to wake up nice and early, although I was a bit of a sleepy head. I pootled off into town to get some shopping and since it was a lovely sunny day, left my jacket behind. Which of course meant I'd left my phone behind too. Oops. As expected, I discovered a call from cryx asking me to hurry on 'round with some diet redbull clone, which I duly did.

In honour of the sunny weather, cryx was dressed up all summery, showing off her lovely legs with a moderately short skirt and wearing a nice top. She'd also cooked up lots of yummy looking food for the trip too, and soon we were winging our merry way to Brum.

It was a lovely day, spoilt only by my complete inability to keep my eyes open for any extended period of time. Still managed to have some interesting/cool conversation though, so it wasn't a complete waste and there were a few brief moments when I got to admire the scenary - it was very sunny outside.

Soon got to Brum though only to discover that there was some kind of celebration - Guiness day or something - which had a parade causing all kinds of traffic problems. It didn't cause too many problems because my wonderful sat-nav gadget soon had us winging our way in the right direction with a little help from cryx's memory. Where we did get stuck was parking. We ended up waiting ages and nabbed the first spot that became empty. Unfortunately it was a stealth disabled spot and when we came back later there was a parking ticket on the car.

Both games were very subdued and plot-lite. Mage I spent most of chatting with people, although I did help break a few people by helping out with a ritual or two. C/A I did a lot more chatting and even potentially gained some new contacts for doing some "business". Best not tell Cinammon though cos she'll string me up if she found out *grins*.

The journey home was much like the journey there, except it was dark and I spent time oggling the shiny things and the moon instead. Briefly interrupted by a stop at a service station to consume some of the yummy potatoe and baby sweetcorn (yuck) thing and a visit to the little RPGers room.

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w00t! w00t! I got the pasta cooker to work. Took bloody ages and I had to stop it manually (it's meant to stop automatically), but I had pasta & beans for lunch today! Could have done with some seasoning though. I shall have to visit Tescos and get some 'erbs

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