March 11th, 2003

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I've been fiddling with replacing the backend of Things I Love with a proper database and after much head scratching came up with some truely evil SQL that makes my eyes water just looking at it.

Now if only I could get a project at work that was as interesting as this is...

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Now where did I leave that fat...

The Windoze dev team have started doing weekly weighing sessions for themselves and a couple of others to see who is losing the most weight. I think people have started noticing that the food on offer isn't the most healthy and are actually trying to sort out something better for themselves. For some insane reason, they've talked me into doing it as well and after my first week I've already (apparently) lost 3lb. I wonder if this means I'll have lost oodles when I get weighed properly on Thursday.

In a freakish burst on healthyness I've also bought some fruit. I've discovered clementines are actually just about paletteable.

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