March 3rd, 2003

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Very busy weekend. Friday was Sabbat. Thankfully didn't have to do the big sermon thingy, as I wasn't prepared fully. Will do it via email instead, which will be a shame as I can do lots of ranty hell fire type stuff on cue.

Saturday was Garou and Cam/Anarch. Garou was more angst, but my character might have patched things up with his girlfriend. Cam/Anarch wasn't as fun as last month as the people at the court were mostly keeping their heads down in case someone dropped a spoon and Lissa flipped out, killing everyone.

Sunday was re-enactment AGM. Have offered my elite webskills to give 'em a website. Missed the AGM utterly as they had to move it forward an hour. Got to watch people hit each other with stuff though. Then Mage. Mage was OK. Trialled the first of many robots. It works! Although I'm going to have to provide some means to clean it or prevent it from getting covered in squirrel gore.

Today, I spent most of it rebuilding my machine. It works, although I need someone to actually finish the config up cos I don't have admin access to it. Off to massage class now though.

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