February 16th, 2003

Weekend of sin

Managed to survive Friday in the end, although that was more due to luck than actually avoiding any VD stuff. Didn't know anyone celebrating it this year which is very rare.

Saturday I went shopping with cryx to Lush and bought many of their lovely smelling massage bars. Now I just need some willing people to practice on. After Lush we were both norty and indulged in yet more pizza and icecream. Then it was eggwhite's bday party. Much booze was drunk, but oddly I didn't get utterly wasted. In fact I was pleasantly sozzled. After walking ebq (who was utterly sozzled), I headed off and slept it off.

Got woken up at 10 by someone trying to deliver a package - except they'd got the wrong street. Didn't go to the pub in the end as no-one else was going. Ended up at House of Plot before going to see Daredevil, which was a jolly good romp. Then we stuffed our faces in Nandos.

Woooh. Very tired now.