February 14th, 2003

I get a kick out of you...

Or at least my back bike light gets a kick out of me. Right across the pavement in fact. Thankfully I was only a few minutes away from the bike shop, so I've got a new one that has Knightrider mode! *woosh-woosh* *woosh-woosh* (sound effects aren't included)

Managed a bit of small talk with coffee girl today. She was feeling the cold (don't blame her) and was generally a bit meepy that she'd managed to oversleep and be an hour late for work. Which is quite disturbing given that she was there at 8 - she must have to start at 7 or earlier! Crazy! And she's still there when I get back at 6 and I doubt she leaves any time soon after that, so she must be doing at least a 12 hour day. I guess in the summer it'll a nicer job - lots of sunshine and people wearing not much to oggle *grins*.

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