January 27th, 2003

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I got some sleep last night. Not very good sleep as I woke up feeling crap. Made really good time to Staines after leaving late, but was scuppered by evil traffic and arrived just in time to see the train leave.

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And the reason why we where cycle helmets is...

Had an OK day at work which I spent mostly avoiding the fresh cream cakes one of my co-workers had brought in cos it's his birthday. Hopefully this isn't going to turn into a tradition, cos our usual one is to go down the pub.

Left work on time, got to Staines, started cycling to Egham and just as I got to the A30 roundabout, decided I'd cycle to Chertsey instead. It wasn't too bad, got a nice bit of speed up along the A320. The only bad part was when there were no lights. Managed to avoid a guy walking his bike along and I think Welsh Chris cycling home. Then got a bit further on to realise I wasn't sure which way to go. Out pops the sat-nav and after a few minutes waiting for it to find some satelites, it told me where to go. Made it to the massage class with plenty of time to spare and according to the bike computer, I scored a 20pointer on the body magic stuff.

Class was OK. Got paired up with the guy again which was a shame as there some of the girls had nice looking feet *grins lots*. Feet felt good/odd afterwards.

Left class very late cos there was discussions about oils and smelly stuffs but was making good time towards the station when I realised that there was a cycle path. So I crossed the pavement onto it, only to notice that it was just about to end and some utter arsehole had parked over the end of it. I tried pulling off the cycle path and discovered that there was a tiny curb - just enough to completely screw me up and send me flying. I landed on my knee and my head (hence the subject of this entry) but the helmet saved me. The bike however wasn't a happy bunny. Took me several moments to realise the chain had come off. Figured it'd be quicker to walk to the station than struggle to get it back on.

Missed the train, so phoned barty to see if he was home and didn't mind a brief visit. Turns out inquis was home and was planning on heading to my place anyway, so after a quick meal of spuds & egg, we packed the bike into the back of the car and headed home.

I'll work from home tomorrow and take the bike in to get serviced, cos the front wheel is definitely knocked out of shape in some manner which I've no way of knowing how to fix.

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It's suddenly occurred to me that since I landed on my head, I could have hurt my neck. Don't think it's broken (I suspect I'd notice), but it does feel more stiff than I'm sure it did earlier. Probably just be the stress of crashing. Will see how I feel tomorrow.

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