January 24th, 2003

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I think I'm getting the knack of this massage lark judging by the positive feedback I got last night. Hopefully I can get lots more practice and be really good at it.

Today I started on SW's latest crazy scheme - body magic. Basically it's just trying to get people to do exercise. So far I've cycled 3.87 miles in 25.25 minutes which isn't particulary good according to the book. I should be doing 5 miles in 30 minutes (ie average 10MPH) which I can do, but I suspect I'm being scuppered by the hilly bits. Hopefully on the way home the anti-hills will counteract the hills and it'll look more reasonable.

Either way, according to their points system I should get about 15points.

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Well...another working day over and done with. Not entirely sure how I've done with this body magic stuff. I've cycled 7.71 miles in somewhere between 47mins 20 (bike computer) and 53mins 6 (my watch). Obviously the watch is telling a slightly larger time cos it doesn't stop when I get to traffic lights. Now in theory, that means I've cycled 50% more than I should have, but took about 50% more too, so I've easily done my 5 miles in 30 minutes. Except at no point have I actually cycled a whole 5 miles. That was spread over 6 journeys.

Bah. Too confusing.

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