January 23rd, 2003

I so rock!

Woohoo! I am a god! Or at least a very fit cyclist. I decided to give Windsor->Slough another go and despite leaving 5 minutes late, still arrived a couple of minutes before the train would have. I got to see it pull in :)

The train from Slough previous to the one I normally get (8:34) leaves at 8:24, so I'm not 100% sure I could get it. At least not unless I can shave another minute or so off the trip, which I could do as when I get to the roundabout before the A332, it all goes a bit pearshaped as I have to get onto the right hand pavement (there isn't a left hand pavement at the end).

*does a happy dance*

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(no subject)

I think the management here must want us to get fat. At a free lunch/meeting thing, they had a wide selection of sandwiches. There were 2 types of bread - wholemeal and white. All the wholemeal sandwiches were full of mayo (plus obviously other stuff). Why on earth would they take the healthy bread and put in the unhealthy fillings? Totally crazy. I was good though and avoided the sinful stuff and went for the only sinfree option available - oxygen - yummy.

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