January 22nd, 2003

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Today's journey into work was a bit different today. For the first time ever, the guard on the train from Egham told me I couldn't get on. Except that he then "looked away" and let me get on anyway. Apparently some moron up in town who probably doesn't even use the trains has decreed that bikes aren't allowed on the trains before 9.30.

Since I'd not cycled to Staines as per my usual routine I figured I'd cycle to Slough from Windsor instead and use my new snazzy toy to tell me how to get there. It did a good job of telling me how to get there by car, but failed to mention that on a bike, I'd have to cross over to the pavement on the right hand side before I got to this HUGE roundabout. So I had to backtrack until I got to a safe point I could cross. Still managed to make it to Slough in time to catch the train (but it was late), although I suspect I'd have to not stop so many times if I want to get there to catch it normally.

Tried the aerial extension when I got a bit closer - it managed to keep track of where I was until I knocked the iPAQ a bit too much and knocked the sleeve off a fraction. I suspect I'm going to need a nice sturdy carry case for it if I'm going to pull this off.

Hmmm...maybe I should do Egham<->Staines and Windsor<->Slough everyday. Not that I've been doing the former route much since xmas.

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