January 8th, 2003

You can tell it's not snowed in a long time when...

Well I've finally managed to get into work, although later than normal cos the Windsor service is still not back to normal. There are an awfully large number of new lakes - most of which are covered in ice. It looks like the route from Windsor to Slough is in parts under water, so I'm stuck with catching the train for the moment. Still - glad to be in, as working from home sucks.

Saw snow for the first time in ages today, except I didn't recognise it. I was standing at t'other Windsor station, drinking some lovely hot coffee when I noticed something white drift past my face. Since I was standing under cover I thought it might have been a feather or something from the various pigeons that lurk up in the rafters. Didn't see anything up above me, but did notice more white stuff drifting past. Then I noticed that over the track there was lots of white stuff and realised it was snowing.