December 18th, 2002

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Well this Christmas is certainly a whole lot different to any other I've ever had. Last night we had a work Xmas "thing" - the boss hired out the back room at the local pub, put his credit card behind the bar and got in some buffet food. It was a bit of a flop to be honest. Quite a few people didn't bother turning up, despite it being only a few minutes walk away from the office. The food was luke warm and my tummy felt decided iffy afterwards. And most people gave up and left by about 7. It was a nice attempt - I guess nothing will compare to the previous xmas dinners though.

Got back and found an odd Jeff Bridges film on telly (well OK - it's a Jeff Bridges film so it's bound to be odd) about a guy who narrowly avoids being killed in a plane crash and loses his fear of everything. It made me start morbidly thinking about what I'd say to the people I know if we were about to die. Very morbid, but icecream managed to perk me up again.

This morning I managed to make it to Staines in record time. Only took me about 13minutes (averaging 11 MPH) which is a new personal best. I think next year I should start keeping better track of my cycling exploits so I can keep my graphs up to date.

The office is surprisingly empty at the moment. It's almost as if there was a wild drunken xmas party last night...

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Forgot to mention in my earlier post - I've got muscles! In my legs! At least, I've either got hard, firm muscles in my thighs or I'm some kind of android or something with metally bits inside me. But I suspect that I'm right, cos I think I'd have noticed the metally bits already.

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I've got a bad case of Mingles...

Whilst shopping for food tonight, I saw the most b'zzarely named product ever - Mingles. Now is it just me, or does that sound like some kind of illness? From my brief glance at it, it appeared to contain chocolates, but I think I shall pass on them in case Mingles is fatal.

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