December 10th, 2002

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There are days when I have to wonder whether some commuters leave their brains at work when they leave. Why do commuters stand in the doorway when there are dozens of seats empty? It's understable for someone with a bike or pushchair to stand with it, but when they're just standing there for several stops, blocking people getting on and off, taking up space where someone could put a bike, it's just plain daft.

Take tonight for example. Some daft blonde bimbo gets on the train just before me and stops in the vestable, blocking me from putting my bike on the far side and thus, out of the way of anyone else getting on. 10 minutes and her watching several people squeeze past my bike, she's still not twigged that she could go and sit on one of the many available seats - which the longer she leaves it, the more are being taken. Eventually the train decides to leave, so until the next stop, I can move the bike into the doorway. Luckily there was only one stop before my destination.

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