November 26th, 2002

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What have I done today. Well I cycled to Windsor. I suspect there is a different route I could take - I saw a cycle path sign pointing in the opposite direction to the one I took. Still made it on time though, although the next train was late. By the sounds of it, the MH<->Slough part of the journey is going to be FUBAR'd all week cos of some problem that happened at the weekend.

I went into town at lunchtime and shopped for food. The Tesco is smaller than the local (hard to imagine isn't it), but does stock some things I don't think we get back here. Either way, I now have a HUGE bag of baking spuds and lots of baked beans, plus other spud fillings.

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Whilst at ICC I happened to have a moderately pointless conversation with one of the Americans about astrology. It was pointless because he was stating the obvious about my chart - I'd happened to mention I have no water signs and he was asking questions about whether I had problems with emotions. Which given that water signs are related to emotions would mean I don't.

I only mention it cos last night the topic came up again, except this time inquis pointed out that I've got Aquarius in Venus, which just really makes the lack of water problem even worse apparently. It certainly explains a lot...

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