November 23rd, 2002

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Lets see. What have I been up to the past few days. Thursday I went to book club, which I was very nervous about because I started thinking it was the week before and I'd missed it. Thankfully I was there at the right week and we chatted about the two books we read (Border Crossing and A Singular Hostage). The first book I didn't really think much of - it was one of those easy to pick up, take on holiday sort of books. I found it to be very hollow and not very satisfying. The other one however I found to be really involving and well written. Rather unsurprisingly the rest of the book club prefered the first book which is a shame as the aSH is a lot closer to the sort of books I like reading and I had figured if they liked it I could corrupt them with more fun stuff :).

After that I raced over to fat club and barely made it in time. Unfortunately I've gained this week, but then I had expected to as I'd had chinese when I went to scatter my dad's ashes the previous weekend. Then raced off down the hill to get some food at the pub only to discover they'd decided to stop serving food early. Luckily I pandered to their good nature and ordered a large pile of sin free food *yums* and preceded to freak people out, as usual, by eating it all. The pub was pretty deserted in IFIS terms, although we did have 2 committee members, which I think is a first this year ;)

Friday was pretty uneventful for the most part. I nearly killed myself when I hurtled down this road and my back wheel skidded out when I tried putting on the brakes to make it around the roundabout at the bottom. Amazingly I managed to skid around the roundabout and then head off down the alley at the end of the road with a moderate amount of style. Unfortunately there weren't any cute girls around to marvel at my cycling prowess. On the way home it was a lot more normal, although I nearly drowned cycling through the rain *yuck*.

The evening was a lot more fun as there was a mage downtime session. Unfortunately I had to bail early as I was exhasted. I blame that damn hill.

Today I plan to eventually get dressed (no - I'm not naked) and go !shopping!. Hopefully I'll be able to find some kind of waterproof clothing for when I'm cycling in the rain!