November 19th, 2002

"Things to do in fog when you're crazy" or "What a ride! What a ride!"

Yesterday morning I decided when I woke up, that I would cycle to Staines rather than get the train. It made sense since I was already cycling back and the journey wasn't that long. Except that yesterday it decided it was going to be foggy. Not just a little bit of fog, but fog so thick I could barely see a few metres in front of me.

Like the crazy loon I am though, I decided to stick to my guns and headed off. The ride wasn't that bad as I could make out the cycle lane well enough not to stray into the path of the cars hurtling past me, or into the pavement where I'd no doubt come to a crash and end up under the aforementioned cars.

After what seemed like an eternity, I finally made it to Staines. At which point I got lost. The fog had blanked out any recognisable landmark and I couldn't recognise where I was meant to go. Luckily my inate navigational skills saved me and I realised that I'd been diverted around some roadworks.

Thankfully I made it time to catch the train.

That wasn't the end, however, to my day of madness in the fog. On the way home, I missed my normal train from Windsor and the next one was canceled, the one after that was delayed. I figured that since I was 9 miles away from home and it took me an hour, that I might as cycle as if I'd waited it'd take me that long anyway.

Except I hadn't taken into account that yet again it was foggy - admittedly not as bad as in the morning - and also very very dark. The car headlights were the only things helping me the side of the road, but then I suspect if it wasn't for them, my night vision would have kicked in and I'd be able to see it anyway.

This time I managed to make the journey back without crashing and somehow managed to knock 3 miles of the distance. I guess last time my slightly detour was quite a large one. The best bit though was it that it only took 36minutes. This means that my original objective of travelling to and from work in 1.5 hours is actually achievable. And it also proves that my average speed is severally hampered by going off road for so much of my journey to Maidenhead.

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