November 3rd, 2002

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*sigh* I know - no update for a while. Bad Chris. No biscuit!

This weekend has been an orgy of roleplaying consisting of a total of 4 games. Friday started things off with Sabbat which was fun. Our merry band of diabolical undead went trick or treating. Unfortunately my amusing idea of using some posh peoples' heads as Jack-o-lanterns resulted in me losing some humanity - which wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't on such a low amount already.

Woke up too late on Saturday so didn't have time to do any shopping before Garou. Only created a new shiny character and then it was the AGM for C/A. We did the usual boring wiffle stuff before heaping mighty praise on vhf since she is leaving us. Then it was the game itself and I played strip poker and won! That is I was the person with the most clothing on (well all of it) before the court officers came over and told us of. Then I got collared in an away mission, which was a good thing cos I managed to bail out some friends who were doing something that looked even more dodgy than having a bloke strip off.

And finally, today was mage. I'm still finding my feet in this game and it was spent mostly running about being silly. A quick game of Halo before returning home on my slightly soggy bike. I think something bad has happened to my rear brakes - it looks like they've melted. They're certainly not as good as they were before I left for Texas.

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