October 23rd, 2002

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Today. Shopping. We took the hotel rent-a-bus to the local shopping mall. It was large, but not as large as I expected. Lots of shops, mostly clothing, but we got a few things. :)

Had steak and baked potatoe for lunch. Now I'm back here waiting for people. Or rather I was waiting and then I spotted karohemd walking across the foyer and once I'd got his attention, I noticed a davywavy sitting down too. Plus I think there is a HUGE bunch of cammies sitting in the lounge area, but I've not gone over to check yet.

The room is nice. I get a lovely view of the airport (which isn't a bad thing). Not very noisey, but I get some great views of planes coming and going. The complimentary netaccess is um...lovely too - especially since darkmyst has a Java IRC client. Can't wait for everyone else to arrive and not just cos I want Richard to sign my character stuff :).

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