September 30th, 2002

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Discovered an interesting fact whilst waiting for the train to leave Windsor. Apparently Vauxhall has 26 trains an hour stopping at it during the off peak. I suspect this must be a typo because Clapham Junction has 29 trains and I'm sure that the majority of the Reading->Waterloo trains don't stop at Vauxhall.

Also discovered what happens to the trains that terminate at Staines and then disappear off up the Windsor route to turn around. They go all the way to Windsor. Why on earth SWT don't actually make use of this to increase the service to Windsor?

Managed to make it to Windsor in just under an hour. Unfortunately I missed the train by a few minutes, so I had to wait around for half an hour for the next train. I'll have to remember when the train leaves in future, so I know whether or not to try and catch it or carry on as I think I should be able to make Windsor to Egham in the same time it takes me to wait for the next train and catch that.

Felt I'm making a lot more progress on the journey though. I'm going up hills faster. I'm maintaining speed along the straights - even the off road bits where I think I'm losing power cos of the lack of grip.

Woohoo! I think I'm getting fit!

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So...that was GameSoc. Surprisingly it seemed well organised, lots of new faces all active and playing games. It's a million to 1 shot, but I think they might have actually managed to get their act together. Played lots of games. The committee seem to be a lot more sociable and friendly than they were at the end of last year. There was also lots of cool lasertag kit there which apparently is compatible with the stuff I've got. Lets see how they do next week.

Now I shall dine upon a mountain of icecream with my slightly damaged but still functional icecream maker.

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