September 25th, 2002

Bow down and worship mortals, for I am a GOD!!!

I did the cycle home thing again today. As you can tell from the time on this entry, I managed it a bit quicker this time. I only went as far as Windsor and then got the train, but I managed the 9 mile journey in just over an hour!!!

Distance travelled9.4 miles
Time taken1 hour, 2minutes
Average speed9 mph
Top speed17.80 (big bridge over M4)

Now it strikes me that if I can manage the journey in an hour, that if I can get to Windsor in around 30 minutes then it's a viable journey plan - at least for the moment. The route is only really hilly around Maidenhead and even then, it's the bit inbetween the station and the office, so it's not going to be bad that way either.

It just so happens that it is 30 minutes by train to Windsor. Railtrack advises me to take a slightly later train than I would do normally, which means I have a lot of leeway if there are any delays. I guess ideally I could cycle to Staines too. But anyway - this means my wild and crazy plan will work.

I think for the moment, I'll stick with current scheme for another week or 2 to build up some more stamina and then try cycling to and from Windsor.

At the weekends I might try cycling to Windsor to see what the best route is - something that takes 30 minutes would also be good.

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