September 23rd, 2002

Day 1...

Well I have a new desk in the new office. Desktop still isn't plugged up yet, but I managed to get the laptop working and then it was time for Lunch, so I've not bothered looking yet. The new building is a whole lot more shiny than when I last saw it. It's still being worked on, but it's better.

Bike parking facilities are non-existant. Parked it on the landing at first, but boss told me off. Have put it in Goods-in where hopefully it'll stay locked up.

Canteen is crap. It's overpriced and doesn't sell much more than a couple of types of sandwiches, but lots of crisps and chocolate. On the plus side it does sell (overpriced) muller lights and (overpriced) bottles of diet lemon coke.

Journey was OK. Reading station is crap and doesn't have any information about which train to catch so I think I missed the train I wanted. The train I did get was overcrowded and when I got here the commuters wouldn't let me get off. The cycle to the office is mostly uphill, but nothing I can't handle.

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I like to ride my bicycle...


I've learnt something about myself - I can't judge distances for toffee. Or for any other food stuff. Or in fact for anything of any value. The new offices are not 10miles away. At a rough guess given how far I've travelled tonight, it's closer to 17. I can't tell for sure cos I got lost several times - including in Windsor and the (not so) Great park.

Still, I made it home. I don't feel like I'm about to die. I could probably make others die from the sweaty stench, but thats a different matter. Anyhow, here are today's vital stats.

Distance travelled19.3 miles
Time taken2 hours, 30 minutes
Time spent faffing about being lost1 hour 30 minutes
Average speed7.5 mph
Top speed16.5 mph (steep dark roads in WGP :)
Chances I'll do this again any time soonLow

I think if I try and cycle any great distance towards home, I'll stop at Windsor which is about 10 miles from Maidenhead. I actually enjoyed that part of the journey. It was sunny. There was a nice view - especially along the Thames. It's only when it got dark and I started missing sign posts that it got annoying and scarey.

I think on the whole tho, I'm proud and very happy with myself. Cycling nearly 20 miles is quite good - even if it did take me nearly 3 hours.

Amendment: Realised this morning that if I left at 5:30 and got home about 9:30 that I must have spent an extra hour faffing about. I did pop into the Mow on the way home for a swift pint, but I'm guessing most of the extra faffing was in WGP.

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