September 13th, 2002

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Yesterday I went on a team building exercise at Friday Island - one of those outdoor activity center places for business men to run about and be silly. The aim of the day was to start to merge the 2 teams into 1, ready for the relocation. When we arrived, we discovered that the other team weren't bothering to show up.

However those of us that did bother to show up had a great time. We were split into 2 teams and we did a quiz shoot (a quiz with people having to run off to shoot at targets), a mental assault course with tasks like crossing a mine field and climbing through electrified fences. We built a device for throwing eggs. We did a proper assault course and I wussed out on some parts cos they involved lots of climbing up high places. Then we did Dragon boat racing and finally we built a raft.

Some how the other team managed to win over all, despite failing the raft building and us beating them on 3 other events. It didn't matter though cos we all ended up drinking champagne and relaxing in the hot tub. Which I definitely needed cos our raft, whilst lake worthy, had a bit of a loose barrel problem at the back so I spent the entire trip submerged upto my waist in cold water. Which was better than the other team who after 2 attempts at building a raft only managed to get 1/4 of the distance they needed to travel.

Got home eventually - traffic was bad on the M4 - only to then hurtle up the hill on my bike to the pub for a quiet night with a few select friends (cos the rest of regular gang didn't show up)

All in all, a fun - if a little wasted - day.

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