September 9th, 2002

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Had a good day today. Got up late and eventually headed up to the pub (on foot) only to find no-one else was there yet. After a bit of phoning around I figured people just weren't up for it, so ordered food anyway and waited for the few I did know of to arrive. Eventually people arrived and we ate and chatted and then we all went home.

inquis gave us and ebq a lift to the Hatfield game where we went on the now obligatory sewer mission. Was amusing and as usual took up the entire game. Then we squeezed back into inquis' car as this time we had an extra passenger. It was cozy in the back seat, but I can think of worse people I'd want to be squished up against.

Am sleepy now so shall head off to bed...

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Day 1

Well thats Day 1 of cycling to work over and done with. Journey back was a bit awkward as on one train they'd locked the cattle class compartment and I nearly didn't get out as they'd forgotten about me. Now, should I do the same tomorrow as I'll be going to fat club after work...