September 8th, 2002

Getting better...

Well I'm getting better. I managed to cycle most of the way to the Vamp game, but cos I don't understand gears I couldn't maintain speed up the hill and crashed into a bush and fell off. This time it wasn't as bad as I gentle fell to the ground and mostly it was the bike that fell over. Gave up at this point and waked the rest of the way as I was feeling a little pukey from adreleline and nerves.

Game was good. Had lots of fun. Plenty of chances to be angsty about how evil I was and how I was going to Hell etc.

Managed to cycle down to house of plot without falling off which was good. Calling it cycling is a bit of a lie as it was all downhill so it was mostly applying the brake (the rear one this time) to make sure I didn't break the sound barrier or something. Had a brief bit of de-characterisation before cycling the remaining bit home. Again I didn't fall off! I even got a bit of speed up going down the highstreet! Woohoo! Maybe this insane plan of mine might just work!

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