September 7th, 2002

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Well I've got the bike. It's very shiny. Luckily whoever said that once you learn to ride a bike you never forget, was right. Took me a few tentative attempts to get going, but I was soon hurtling down the highstreet like a crazy fool on a brand new bike. I careful headed down the back passage except once clear of the Italian restaurant I realised I was heading a little too fast towards the chainlink fence, so I put on the brake. Bikes come with 2 brakes - unfortunately I picked the wrong one and ended up crashing into the fence when the front wheel ground to a halt. Must remember not to use the front brake again - or not squeeze it so hard.

Managed to make it home without any other incidents though and even managed to get it upstairs. It sure is a whole lot different to my old BMX. Obviously there are the brakes - they're so much stronger than what I'm used to. Then there are the gears - it's got some. Not entirely sure how they work, but it's in an acceptable gear ratio at the moment so I won't fiddle just yet.

Now I just need oodles of practice before we relocate to Maidenhead and probably some elbow/knee pads.

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