September 2nd, 2002

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Had a really good night's sleep last night, mostly because the alarm clock didn't wake me up. Not that it could have, as silly me forgot to turn it on before I went to sleep. Instead I woke up at about the time I should have been scurrying along to the station. In the end I managed to get into work 30 minutes later than usual, so I guess I shall be playing catch up on the train home.

I'd much rather stay at home - at least for the next 3 weeks. Then when the move happens, we'll clear out all those people who've quit and are just lurking about until their notice period is up who seem to spend all day long, bitching about everything and pissing people off. I don't really see the point - they've made their decision to leave, so why are they trying to make things worse for those of us still left? I'm certainly not going to leave just cos some whining scriptkiddie is being shown what work in the real world is like. They'll have a rude awakening when they get a new job and find that the managers there are just like the new managers here.

*sigh* Oh well...only another 3 weeks to go. This weekend past, I went and looked at bikes. The bikeshop guy was really nice and showed me some very shiney looking bikes. He didn't have any maps though, but will this weekend at which point I shall buy a bike too. Although knowing my luck, it'll be raining that day. He did say there was a cycle route up towards Oxford along the Thames, which looking at the map I do have doesn't look to be a bad route to take.

Hopefully the weather will be great this weekend, cos then I'll see if I can poke others and go on a practise ride about the place.

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