August 31st, 2002

Smiley happy gods

I went shopping in Staines today (as I normally do on a Saturday) to catch up on a whole bunch of DVD series I'm behind on. I made a list of what I was missing and went straight into MVC as soon as I got there. Discovered that "Monkey" was up to #6 (I'd only seen #2 so far) so just had to get the latest 4. Then fill in the gaps of SG-1 and Farscape. They only had 3.2 so that just left 3.3 for me to get. As I was queuing to pay, I noticed the Farscape uberboxsets above the tills and that reminded me that I'd got one of was just possible that it was one of the ones I thought I didn't have. I ummed and erred a bit, but stuck it out and bought 3.2 anyway. I then returned with £150+ of DVD goodness in the end

When I got home I dug out the uberboxset box to see if the DVDs were still inside. They were. Someone up there must like me cos it was 3.3!!! I'm glad I didn't find a copy elsewhere and get it.

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