August 4th, 2002

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For the first time in ages, I've actually remembered a dream. It was one of those really odd dreams that didn't make much sense. It starts off in the future - except I don't see that bit what with me being in the here and now. Coke and was the "war" against Pepsi, but it turns out this was due to someone going back in time and making sure some pivotal event in Coke's history happened.

I didn't ever actually find out what this event was, because someone from Pepsi was trying to stop it happening and myself and some friends got caught up in the struggle. We end up getting accussed of some major crime (murder I think) after trying to stop someone in a plywood bulldozer destroying our favourite park. We all go on the run, but are discovered by some Pepsi employees who offer to help clear our names. They take us to this seedy motel in the center of London and start by making us up to look really nice for the court case.

I some how realise this is all a lie, but only after they've applied lots of makeup on me and I end up looking very silly like a clown or something. I flee the hotel which now appears to be in suburbs and end up following a crowd of people heading to an outdoor concert. No idea what the music was as I didn't stay long enough, but my makeup didn't look out of place amongst the people I saw.

I find some loos and wash off the makeup, but somehow realise that the Pepsi folk have followed me and are outside and about to recapture me. I dive out the window and make good my escape. On the way out, I stop off to buy a drink but the cans of coke keep changing shape and appearance - one minute they're some russian drink, then they're pepsi, then they're back to being coke again. No-one else seems to notice the change except me.

At this point I got woke up by Tom's alarm of poo which only ever goes off when he's out. Hence why I didn't discover what was actually going on. Oh hum.

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