July 24th, 2002

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Urg. I feel cheated. nemy, cryx and myself went to an LJ meetup and found it to be lacking in other LJ folk. Don't blame them really as the bar was shite. One of those refurbished trendy bars that used to be a toilet or a manky basement or something. We ended up going to First Out (which is apparently a gay bar/cafe - not that you'd notice) for a milkshake/smoothy/beer. Then we went home.

Why do I feel cheated? Well I woke up feeling like I'd been out to a wild rawcaus boozefest. I feel crap and tired. I shouldn't feel like this after having a milkshake. Oh well.

I ended up falling back to sleep after stupidly turning my alarm clock off and having a very brief but odd dream. It starts out with "work" moving into new offices. They're nothing like the new offices we're going to move into and our clueful boss is still around which gives me the impression it's like after Maidenhead and we've all quit and formed our own little company. Certainly the offices in the dream weren't anything huge or fancy.

After we've moved in I go wandering about outside. The offices are in some kind of shopping mall or something - there aren't streets outside, just lots of chrome and neon lighted walk ways. After a bit I find this nightclub and I go in for a bit of a boogy. The security is really anal and search me and my briefcase which I suddenly appear to have. Definitely not mine as it's filled with all kinds of things I wouldn't take to work, like rulers. They make me wait outside and eventually let me back in, but ask me to close my eyes. They lead me inside a bit further to an office and they introduce me to someone they refer to as "the Prince". Seems the nightclub is vamp infested.

He interviews me some more - mostly about why I'd want to come to a place like this given that I'm not one of them and I know what sort of people go to it.

At this point I wake up and realise that I've got 3 seconds to get out of bed and get out the house. Of course this doesn't happen and I lie there trying to get the brains and strength to even sit up. Luckily I manage to get to Alex and Paul's in time and we weren't too late in to work. Unluckily I forgot my dad's birthday card and breakfast.

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