July 19th, 2002

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I'm beginning to wonder if I should listen to myself when I say I should leave work. Wednesday I left half an hour late cos I wanted to copy something onto my laptop and would have ended up missing the train. This meant I could leave half an hour early on Thursday. Sodding typically the trains all ran late so I got home much later than I would have done normally.

I could have left half an hour early on Thursday to make up for Wednesday, but I figured I'd be better off saving it for a day when I needed to get home earlier. In the end it took over 4 hours to get home. Why? Just outside Twickenham, someone decided to jump in front of the train I was on. I hadn't noticed anything except the train screeching to a halt. After watching lots of emergency services running about and an air ambulance arrive for an hour or so, they had us get off the train and walk the short distance back to Twickenham.

There, we discovered the station was shut and that there was no provision for us to get anywhere useful. Some random person suggested we get a taxi back to Egham, so a small group of us huddled by the road waiting for it. Eventually it turned up and it looked really really dodgy. The driver kept upping the price, but we eventually managed to get him to settle on something reasonable.

Luckily I managed to get home in time to get to the pub, give Nick his birthday pressies and have something to eat.