July 14th, 2002

It burns! It burns!

Friday: Went clubbing with 3 gorgeous ladies (cryx, ebq and sea_cucumber) and nemy. We danced the night away and then got home in the small hours.

Saturday: Did some last minute shopping for the various cancerians, made some garlic dip and burgers and then headed over to the House of Plot for the Cancerian party of doom. Handed out pressies, ate lots, drank even more. majic13 enjoyed Olga immensely and we did wonder if the excitement was a little too much for him. He hugged and petted Olga before stripping her and getting her bits out to wave at people.

Drank some more. People enjoyed the garlic dip which everyone had to have as it was really really really strong and people didn't want to melt the face off anyone who hadn't had it yet. Continued drinking. Chatted lots. Head swam. Felt ill. Was ill. Went home. Was ill again. Went to sleep.

Sunday: Woke up feeling fine. Spodded for a bit before heading down t'pub. Left late as last week everyone who turned up, turned up late. Discovered everyone was there early this week (bah). Ordered lots of food and pigged out. Then we went and saw Scooby Doo which was surprisingly good and not overly pretedicable. cryx and nemy stayed to watch Resident Evil and the rest of us went our seperate ways homewards.

Despite having a fun weekend I'm not feeling a very happy bunny though.

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