July 11th, 2002

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Jeez. What a mess my council tax bill is in. I send in a form saying there are 2 people living at my address and that I'm no longer living at my old address, so they send me a bunch of forms. I send them off. I get a letter back saying that there has always been 2 people living at my new address and here is another form I have to fill in to say that I was living alone when I first moved in. I fill that in and get 2 revised bills. Neither of which state I have the single person discount. One of them says I have a refund from previous account.

I phone up to check and it turns out that they're just really busy and that I'll get a 3rd revised bill some time soon. The refund was from my old address which is good cos I'd already paid that in full for last year and wasn't expecting to get anything back from it after they took the money for this year. It explains why they never sent any bills to the old place before I really moved out. I also checked about discounts for people signing on and thankfully nemy has to fill in those forms, but it does mean that if/when he does sign on, I've get yet another revised bill. At least I'm getting my moneys worth out of them this year.

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