July 9th, 2002


Ooooh. Second day running and still in early.

Didn't do much last night except play more Metal Gear Solid 2. I've been having fun collecting dogtags which is very amusing because you have to sneak up behind the guards and hold them up. Usually once you've pointed a gun in their face or groin they gladly give up their dogtags, but sometimes they're a bit fiestier and require shooting in the leg first. Then they too end up squealing "don't kill me" and start wiggling away whilst any goodies they have pop out. Of course I shoot them in the head anyway, cos I don't want to have to deal with them again later. Or if I'm being really nasty, I shoot them in their limbs instead.

The end result of all the muderous rampage, is that I've got a new item - a bandana - which gives me infinite ammo.

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