June 23rd, 2002

Coo - a weekend post

Today has been very random. Got up later than I had hoped as I just couldn't be arsed to get out of bed. I went online briefly whilst I had breakfast and bumped into sea_cucumber who invited me to take part in some tabletop RPG thing of eggwhite. I figured this would be more fun than the shopping I had planned so after picking up some essentials and some food I pootled on over there.

The game was fun and I got to play a soldier in a hardshell with a big gun (can you guess who was meant to play this character :). I got to try to blow up lots of hostiles, but my dice have had so little use over the past few years they abandoned me and I kept missing. Still, luckily managed to survive and did have a few shots hit. Afterwards we watched some Simpsons and then I left with the male contigent of House Cthuhlu.

The rest of the walk home was very interesting. On the way I encountered a collection of drunk people - or at least I hope they were drunk. A blonde female amongst the group, without warning and for no apparent reason decided it'd be fun to take her top off and run topless down the highstreet. The pervs amongst you will be proud/pleased to know that I did have a good long look - although she did jiggle past fairly quickly so I didn't get that long a look. Her friends rather oddly commented that I was a "poor guy" - I guess they thought the sight of a pair of nice firm breasts was a bad thing.

Then whilst taking a shortcut through the local supermarket carpark I watched with bemusement as a car decided to sped out at high speed with lots of squealing tires. It left via the rear exit. It soon sped past me as I walked down the road as the driver had obviously discovered the rear exit only leads to a dead end :)

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Woohoo! Today I've had probably the most successful "Red day". Steak + baked spud for lunch. Grilled chicken, mushrooms and fried eggs for tea and now another steak (with garlic) and yet more mushrooms for dinner. Was going to have some sinfree chips but in the end I couldn't be arsed.

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