June 17th, 2002

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It's odd. Despite being online a lot over the weekend I very rarely remember to do posts. So, yes, you've guessed it - here's a big long "What I did on my weekend" style post.

Friday, since the girls were having a girlie night in with lesbian porn, us guys decided to have a night of our own (that and barty was banished from his place as thats where the girls were). We went to the pub, we watched Spiderman and then headed over to the House of Plot to watch more films, but they hadn't finished unpacking stuff yet, so we ended up watching stuff on cable. That and sea_cucumber was there and last I looked, she wasn't a bloke. Not that we minded, but it did signal the end of a fine evening of testosterone.

Saturday I got up late and eventually staggered out to buy Father's day card. The ground must have opened up and hell must have burst forth because Egham was turned in a nightmarish place of horror. Or rather the annual Magna Carta celerbations were taking place. The highstreet was chocked with kids, old people and stalls selling nothing exciting. As it was, it took far longer to walk to the card shop at the far end as I had to constantly duck and weave.

The evening consisted of the Hatfield game. Didn't get up to much, except spend most of it being threatened by borusa's scarey elder malk.

Sunday revolved around Father's day. I went home to parents. Had sunday lunch. Watched "The Whole 9 yards" (which is very good). Came back and chatted with nemy and showed him the mind warping cut-scene I'd just got in Metal Gear Solid 2. Spent the rest of the day doing sod all.

Will go to work tomorrow but imagine I'll be the only one there as everyone has suddenly come down with a bad case of "stress". or something.

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