May 22nd, 2002

The office is alive...with the sound of music...

Not much happening today at work. I've discovered I got an mp3 jukebox type program on my laptop, so I've been playing with that mostly. It ties neatly to the LJ client I use, so I can just hit a button and it adds the track details that I'm currently listening to. Tis a bit jerky though, so I think I might download the latest version and associated plugins just in case I've got a really old version.

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    MuDvAyNe - Death Blooms


Woohoo! Nothing much to report except that I'm still chirpy/bouncey/etc...

Against all the odds (much cake and chocolate eating) I managed to lose 0.5 pounds. Work is still full of much angst. mp3 collection grew rapidly today :). Mostly wierd stuff I've never heard of though.

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    Adema - Giving In