April 8th, 2002

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Moderately OK weekend. Vampire was fun. Managed to meet up with someone I'd met at last years Malk T-party, but had failed utterly to introduce. Now I know who they are and it turns out we sort of have been chatting on IRC. Small world syndrome again. Afterwards went home and had pasta & rice.

Sunday got up early and pootled about the place trying to be quiet. Turns out I need not have bothered. Went to pub and had huge lunch. Then we went shopping and got the car washed by some fireman with big hoses (Fnarr, Fnarr). Spent the afternoon avoiding doing anything like moving out of my flat and instead watched telly and played The Sims. I've managed to regain my old save from my previous laptop, so now everyone is back. Went to inquis in the evening for a birthday showing of Black Books.

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