March 31st, 2002

The weekend so far

Thursday: Pub as per usual. Stayed up late playing GTA3.

Friday: Same old thing. Except that it involved a bottle of wine and a HUGE pile of chinese takeaway. Watched The Matrix, but wasn't really in the mood and barely managed to stay awake through it. Went to bed moderately early.

Saturday: Shopping, then went to parents. Mum moaned that I was late. Dad is on his last legs. Something odd happened as I went to sleep. I had the impression that a female came into the room and lay down next to the bed. So strong was the impression that I shuffled away from the edge. She wasn't there a few minutes later when I looked again. Ghost? Dream? Hallucination? No idea. Didn't get a particular good look at her, except that she had darkish long curly hair - although the colour could have been related to the fact it was dark in the room.

This wasn't my normal childhood bedroom - it was my sisters. When I was really young, we shared it but when I got too old I moved out into my own room. I did have a choice as to which room I got and despite being the large, I choose the other one because I had what I thought was a ghostly encounter in the larger room.

Sunday: Awoke moderately late after a b'zzare dream involving the Pope and a shoal of missing dolphins re-appearing unexpectedly outside. Might do a more detailed dream entry later. Roast turkey dinner then back home to watch telly.

Now another night in front of the telly/laptop. Tomorrow, however, I plan to catch up on my cinema habit and going to watch some films.

On a side note, whilst channel hopping I discovered that Chester Zoo has a walk through bat cave, which sounds like something cool to go and visit.

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